In House Programming

ADS has been providing in-house programming services since 1988. We have invested in Top-of-the-line Programmers which are upgradable, proven and reliable. The Program Suppliers is also able to work with the Semiconductor Manufactures to ensure that the right algorithm is used and to keep up to date with State-of-the-art Technology in IC Packages and Socket PCB adapters.

ADS also believe in the ‘One-vendor’ concept in providing a total solution for your programming needs under one roof. With our superior low reject rates and vast experience, we are able to take on high mix, low volume job assignments at ease.

Our Strengths:

  1. Flexible in price negotiations based on case to case order. This will allow a Win-Win situation to customer
  2. Able to manage High-mix, low quantity
  3. One vendor concept in terms of services provided (Eg : Laser marking, tape and reel, programming, device lead scanning to ensure devices are in proper condition and inventory management for high volume consignment).
  4. Able to do complex serialization on devices.
  5. Able to accommodate A-hoc requirements from customers.
  6. Fast turnaround.
  7. A range of different make/model programming machines which are able to support widest range of programmable devices available in the market.
  8. Good technical and after sales service support.


ADS can currently program 30,000 different devices in the market. We have a capacity of 80,000 ICs a day

Capable for providing both barcode labels on ICs as well as shipping labels

Able to perform Tape and Reel packaging for different IC families

All shipments from ADS manufacturing locations are packaged according to customer requirements and vacuum sealed.

We provide baking services when required

Co-Plan 3D Scanner description appears here

ADS have laser making capabilities on the ICs up to "what font size to put"

ADS also provide value added services