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Designers and engineers increasingly rely on adhesives for improved end-user performance, greater design flexibility, and more efficiency in putting their products together.

In-depth tape selection and expertise make 3M your one-stop source. Depend on us to optimize your product's performance, improve its image, and give it a competitive edge.

The basic concept of complete static protection is to prevent the build-up of static charge and to quickly and reliably remove any existing charge. Any environment in which electronic components and systems are being manufactured or handled is continually threatened by the effects of electrostatics.

3M is helping electronic device manufacturers worldwide meet the high demands of the health care industry. Our technological capabilities, engineering expertise, and wide range of products are focused to provide you with innovative solutions for devices of all sizes.


Some of the older product models (cables & connectors) which you might not be able to find in the market anymore. These products have not exceeded their respective EOL and are still able to be utilized at a great price! View these product codes and contact us for an enquiry.

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