Applied Digital System Pte Ltd

Applied Digital System is a leading device programming service with over 3 decades of experience in IC and secure device programming.

We have a comprehensive electrostatic discharge infrastructure and processes to protect and handle your static-sensitive devices. 

Cutting-Edge Automation and Versatility in Digital System Solutions.

Applied Digital System employes State-of-the-Art automated process, capable of handling large consistent volume for quality programming, with vision inspection for lead integrity and device orientation. Applied Digital System also specialize at handling Ah-Hoc and very high mixed-low volume orders with fast turn-around, to help R&Ds prototype builds in short notice.

Advanced Serialization and Data Security Solutions

Huge selection of device manufacturer (IC) from Flash memory, micro-controller to FPGAs support.

Diverse Device Programming Support


Complex serialization routines using custom software and infrastructure to prevent address duplication and ensure real-time production data capture.

Innovative Serialization Methods


We have a dedicated team of professional people to work on your requirements.

Expert Team for Your Custom Needs


All customers’ firmware and sensitive data are safe keep in specialized server isolated from the internet, to address our valuable customers’ concern on security.

Robust Data Security Measures


Comprehensive Programming and Value-Added Services

Programming Services

  • Standard firmware programming
  • Device serialization
  • Secured programming

Valued-added services

  • Device marking
  • Laser mark
  • Reflow safe labeling
  • Ink dot

Other services

  • Baking services
  • Tape and reel packaging services
  • Sorting and repacking services