Applied Digital System Pte Ltd

Applied Digital System distributed versatile 3M adhesives for electronics, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and general industry use.

We had been the distributor of 3M industrial adhesives & Tapes (IATD) and Interconnect Solutions (EMSD), products including VHB™ Tapes, double sided tapes, Structural Adhesives, box sealing tape, spray adhesives, dispensing equipment connectors and more. These products are ideal for applications in the electronics industry, manufacturing sector, signage/construction, healthcare/medical, aerospace/transportation and general industry.

3M products provide high quality and unique formulas that maximize productivity and minimize waste. Applied Digital System is glad to offer an extensive line of 3M products to meet your industrial application needs.

As a 3M Distributor, Applied Digital System has made a commitment to understanding what our customers requirement. We understand the importance of serving industrial design and assembly customers with direct access to the right 3M adhesives, and technical support from 3M for your applications.