Cable Harness

ADS is a distributor for 3M Scotchflex Connector/Cable, Textool Socket, AP Test Clip and Emulation Technology Products. 3M Interconnection Products gives you excellent reliability such as the Scotchflex Connectors which have a 40 years life cycle.

Our sales representatives provide technical advice on the type of connectors or adapters needed by the customers, and give professional technical support on all products.

Besides selling 3M products, ADS also specialises in providing Cable Assemblies, Cable Adaptors, Electrical Panel Box Assemblies and Part Assemblies. Our diverse production covers not only network or consumer electronics but also industrial, construction, aerospace & military. 

Whatever your requirements, ADS will have the technical expertise and manufacturing capability to help. And this starts with your enquiry until the product is delivered. 

In addition, we are also UL Certified. Here is our UL Certification link.

Our strengths :

  1. Competitive pricing and on-time delivery                                  
  2. Certified ISO 9001 Quality System 
  3. Competent services with committed management staff
  4. Various Manufacturing Locations – China and Singapore
  5. Cost Effective in high mix low volume environment


ADS offer a comprehensive range of wiring harnesses to meet your complex needs of wire connections with our high speed fully automatic cutting and crimping machine.

Flat ribbon cable can be an efficient and cost-effective way of making interconnections. Our fully automated and semi-automatic ribbon cable and IDT machines enable the cutting, stripping, slitting and notching of these cables to offer a full range of flat ribbon cables assemblies.

Other than generic molded cable like printer cables and modem cables, ADS also provide design and production of customized over-molded cables like USB cables, SATA Cables, PCMCIA Cable, etc.

ADS is able to produce flat cable for high flex applications such as data cables. FFC can be terminated with either ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) or LIF(Low Insertion Force) connection.

An AD fabricates a wide range of RF cable assemblies ranging from large cables for base stations to Semi-Rigid and Micro-Coaxial assemblies.

One of the fastest growing segments of our business is that we provide value added cable assembly services ranging from Printed Circuit Board assembly to turnkey systems for many applications specific to our customers’ needs.