Static Control Products

SCS Velostat Crosslinked Polyethylene Conductive Foams are intrinsically conductive. Carbon is compounded directly into the polyethylene, providing permanent and uniform protection for integrated circuits and dual-in-line packages (DIPs).

The SCS 3300 Moisture Barrier Bag has been designed to meet the demanding moisture protection needs of the electronics market.

Static-shielding films manufactured by SCS offer a variety of propriety processes and features, ensuring consistent, strong lamination of dissimilar materials. All SCS static-shielding bags are consistent with the requirements in Mil-Std 1686a par.5.10 and Mil-HDBK-263A par.5.1. The bags are transparent, allowing easy identification of components for inventory and customs inspection.

New from SCS, the 2056/2056-M2/2057 Non-Marking Heel Grounding Assembly reliably grounds mobile personnel when they are in contact with conductive and dissipative flooring.

SCS Wrist Straps offer convenience and adaptability to suit the needs of various environments and usages whilst offering defence/protection in all static control processes

When a static control floor mat is used, static electricity generated in the human body through movements and friction is quickly and reliably removed.

The concept of static protection to drain electrostatic charges from personnel and materials is well accepted in many industries. Whether safeguarding sensitive electronic components during manufacturing or service or helping control charge in a computer room or munitions factory, a key element is the use of a properly designed flooring system.

SCS offers a complete selection of test equipment to verify the correct functioning of static control systems. These test products measure static voltages on objects and surfaces, verify air ionizer performance and test static control wrist straps and footwear.

Ionization is the only method of neutralizing a static charge on a nonconductor. Ionized air can neutralize static charges on circuit board substrates, insulating tapes and plastic objects found in the work area.

SCS Continuous Workstation Monitors were designed o provide customers with a cost effective, continuous monitoring system that will reliably detect small problems with ESD before they become large, expensive ones.

Sensitive microelectronic components can be damaged, even destroyed, by one ever-present enemy - static electricity. Electronic equipment is especially susceptible to static electricity during servicing. Now, you can easily manage static and provide safer, productive work environments for field service technicians.

With 3M antistatic tapes, you can now enjoy the convenience of tape without fear of electronic damage to sensitive components.

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