As an alternative to mechanical or fusion fastening, the reasons for 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy, Acrylic and Urethane Adhesives are many: greater design latitude, cleaner lines, material substitution, less machining, lighter weight, more durability, and often less cost.

For assembly of sophisticated electronics where out gassing and corrosion of adhesive bonds are a concern, Scotch-Weld Electronic Grade (EG) epoxies are the advanced alternative to mechanical fasteners and lower-grade adhesives

Choices for instant performance and productivity...flexible bond line, low bloom, low odor, more...

The easy choice for running a tight operation. When you need secure tight fits and seals to keep production up and running, Rite-Lok™ Anaerobic Adhesives offer a wide selection of properties to help you save the time and cost of disruptive, unscheduled downtime due to leaks and loose fasteners.

3M aerosol adhesives go to the job and are always ready when needed. Only a finger’s touch puts a job-matched formulation to work on paper, plastic, cardboard, foam, metal, and more.

Convenience and a fistful of work power for maintenance and production.

Film adhesives can be formulated with the highest performance level of all structural strength adhesives available

For speed and performance, you’ll likely find a product in the product in this line with precisely the right combination of bond strength, cure time and viscosity.

With cure speeds generally less than 5 seconds, you can raise the speed limit for many electronics assembly applications. These specialized acrylate formulations cure on demand when exposed to UV or visible light.

This line offers a wide range of choices for contact adhesive applications. Select from bonding ranges, strengths, solids content, and solvent or water-based formulations to meet requirements for bonding laminate, foam and more.

The elements – air, wind, water, dirt, sunlight, fuel, cold, heat – keeping them or others in or out is a design challenge for applications such as vehicle windows, trailer seams, HVAC ductwork, wood doors, boat deck fittings, and many more.

For contaminant in shipping and handling, rely on 3M Shipping-Mate case sealing adhesive for neat, clean bonds with carton-tearing strength. For protection, you have fewer worries with 3M Shipping-Mate palletizing adhesive stabilizing coated cartons or bags. For communications, 3M Shipping-Mate Box Re-nu covers unwanted printing to provide a new looking surface.

In thousands of factories and plants, these aerosol chemicals are proven daily to save time and effort in maintenance and production. Lubricating, cleaning, inhibiting rust, and other tough jobs become finger-touch easy.

3M Jet-Melt Adhesives and 3M Polygun Applicators are engineered to be advanced systems to help you improve productivity, lower cost and minimize waste.

3M Hot Melt Spray Adhesive is a fast, neat alternative to solvent-based systems for bonding most foams, fabrics, plastics, particle board, and light gauge metals. Applications range from furniture cushions to cushioning inserts, modular office panels to gym floor pads, and more.

3M Thermo-Bond Films combine some of the best features of several proven 3M adhesive technologies, resulting in precise uniform thickness for consistent bond lines, precise die-cut shapes and sizes for neat manual or automated application,Bonds in seconds with heat to help eliminate fixturing and speed assembly.