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3M Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Press-Fit Socket, UHM Series

Features :

· 7+ Gbps data rates when mated to standard IEC 61076-4-101 headers.
· Low crosstalk at high frequencies
· 50/100 Ω (single-ended/differential) impedance
· Modular/scalable format IEC 61076-4-101
· Press-fit headers and receptacles
· 63 mated lines per linear inch
· Dual beam contact construction for high reliability
· End-to-end stackable with 5 row 3M™ CP2, HM, UHM and HSHM sockets

.050" Right-Angle Digital Camera Cable – 26 position


· Mates to popular 3M MDR 26 position receptacle
· For machine vision camera to frame grabber communications in applications where full CameraLink™ configuration is not necessary
· 3 shielded quads with drains and 5 unshielded twisted pairs
· Entire cable bundle shielded with foil and braid for additional signal protection
· Rugged MDR ribbon type contact for reliable, repeatable connectivity
· Rugged thumbscrew retention
· EMI shielded junction shell

050"x.050" CF Card Header

CompactFlash (CF) Headers Family

-CF Card Ejector for CompactFlash™ Header Type II, Long Guides
-CompactFlash™ Type I to PCMCIA Type II Adapter
-CompactFlash™ Type I, Low Profile, Long Guides, SMT, Inverse
-CompactFlash™ Type I, Low Profile, Surfacemount
-CompactFlash™ Type I, Surfacemount
-CompactFlash™ Type II, Long Guides, Surfacemount
-CompactFlash™ Type II, Surfacemount

.050" Surface Mount Right Angle Die-Cast Receptacle – Shielded


· Rugged die-cast body resists tipping during automated soldering operations
· Wiper-on-wiper contact for reliable repetitive plugging
· Ultra-low signal skew for high data rate transmission
· Interface latch design for connection stability
· Suitable for thumbscrew attach (see TS-0142 for available hardware)
· MDR digital LCD interface as a 20 or 26 contact connector
· Camera Link® interface as a 26 contact connector
· Contacts: 14, 20, 26, 40 and 50

External, Signal, Straight Termination

Features for 3M™ Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Cable Assembly, 8M26 Series:

· Capable of 6 Gbps per channel data rate
· 26 conductor signal assembly
· Multiple lengths available
· Metal latch designed to promote retention
· Pull tab ring provides easier unmating
· Two levels of EMLB for hot plugging
· Multiple key options available
· Tested to SAS Specification, SAS-2

Internal Cable Assembly, Straight Termination, 36 position

Features for 3M™ Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Cable Assembly, 8N36 Series:

· 3 Gbps per channel data rate
· 36 Conductor signal assembly
· Multiple lengths available
· Metal latch designed to ensure retention
· Two levels of EMLB for hot plugging
· 30 AWG Twin Axial Cable
· Universal key
· Tested to SAS Specification, SAS-1.1

Features for 3M™ CF Card Header, 7E50 Series:

· Meets CFA standards
· 4.0 mm low profile height
· Single row solder tails with 0.635 mm spacing
· Ejector option for easy removal of CF Card

Features for 3M™ CF Card Ejector, 7E50 Series:

· Mounts to 3M’s CompactFlash™ Type II, Long Guide, Surface Mount Headers
· Modular "snap on" design and multiple button types for design flexibility
· Can be used with either top or bottom mount (standard or inverse polarization) headers
· Meets CFA standards for known compatibility and reliability

3M Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) Cable Assembly

Features for 3M™ Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) Cable Assembly, 1MD26-X5XX-00C-XXX Series:

· Carries power in addition to signal to enable use in base configuration Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) applications
· Connects between Mini-Camera Link style (SDR) I/O ports on PoCL Cameras and Camera Link style (MDR) ports on PoCL framegrabbers
· Both straight and right angle cable exit available
· 3 shielded quads and 6 unshielded twisted pairs

.100" × .100" Four-Wall Latch/Ejector, Straight and Right Angle

Features for 3M™ Four-Wall Header, D3000 Series:

· Military (with 3M's 3518 &N3518 polarizing key) and centerbump polarization
· Optional ejector latches
· Mounting holes for securing header to board
· Optional polarizing posts available
· High temperature insulator suitable for "no lead" soldering operations
· High temperature insulator in through-hole version suitable for "paste in hole" reflow soldering

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