3M Polyurethane Construction Sealant 535

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3M™ Polyurethane Construction Sealant 535 is a single component polyurethane elastomeric sealant which cures under the effect of atmospheric humidity to form a flexible and resilient joint with very good adhesion on most materials. Elongation of over 600%, Shore A of 25, skin time of 70 min.


535 can be used for heavy and light precast panel expansion joints, wood, aluminium and PVC joinery seams, and expansion joints in traditional construction. 535 can be used for clay and concrete roof tiles.
Benefits and Features:
  • Excellent Sealer for Concrete and Flashing
  • Paintable
  • 60-90 Minute Skin Time
  • Concrete construction and precast.
  • Sealing, caulking, waterproofing and damping